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Plavac mali alt

Plavac mali is an autochthonous cultivar of coastal part of mid and south Dalmatia. It is the result of crossbreeding of two autochthonous Croatian cultivars: Crljenka (in Italy known as Primitivo and in America as Zinfandel) and Dobricic. Plavac mali fulfills its greatest potential in the most extreme conditions on the peninsula of Peljesac. The strong physiognomy of its trunk, the branch breeding and the entangling of the crowns which create a thick macchia-like net speak for themselves.

On the hills of Peljesac, on the poor rocky soil, sometimes because of extremely high temperatures and high concentrations of humidity, the weather can cause drowsiness and sulkiness affecting people and the plants. Above ground level, the macchia and the vineyards, a meter high, the air flickers and pours over in a visibly gaseous state but then the maestral, the light northeast breeze, ruffles the air to bring a breath of freshness.

Furthermore, this is the land of contrasts, the region of extreme weather conditions: from the strong gusts of sirocco, the roar blowing bora to scorching heath, especially on the soutward steep slope where Plavac mali gives its best. There is the story that Plavac mali loves the suffering and in such conditions gives its best. On the contrary, Plavac is the best proof of the struggle for survival, the true winner over its surrounding and the ruler of this area.

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